The Monaco Film Festival is a yearly CHARITY festival organized to build awareness and to raise funds for charitable organizations involved in protecting and caring for today’s children.

The Festival celebrates the Rights of the Child and highlights the work of the organization Virlanie Foundation & Digital Aid.

Children in the Philippines, Virlanie Foundation

The Virlanie Foundation Inc is the largest private non-sectarian child caring institution in Metro Manila, Philippines. It operates 12 residential homes providing shelter, food, education and love to over 1 000 disadvantaged children.

Virlanie Foundation Thank you letters

Virlanie Foundation based in Manila, Philippines


Digital Aid

Digital Aid is a registered charity in Monaco who seeks a green approach to discarded computer hardware.

Digital Aid recycles and refurbishs old computers, printers, monitors, and other material, and we donate them to educational institutions, non-profit organizations or low-income households who cannot offer their children access to information technology. Download the presentation here