Vicente-Andres Zaragoza – Founder & Chairman PFG
Monika Jagiello – President
Cindy Lee Duck – Director
Katerina Pishchala – Director of Festival Awards
Lia Popescu – Marketing Director
Manuella Alburquerque – Director of Press
Ilaria Pittaluga – Social Media and Art Director
Brad Littlefield – Film Programing Director
Brett Hunt – Social Media Director
Jérôme Moura – Film Screening Director
Mia Frank – Jury Selection Director
Marc Frenkiel – Film Screening Coordinator
Cathy Desaunois – Special Guests – Talent Director
Sarah Sellami – Art Director
Bike de Montebello – Operations Director
Charles Domokos – Film Education Director
Andrea Buck – Webmaster

Margarita Romanova – Russian Film Screening & Talent Director
Darina Romanova – Russian Art Director
Igor Kokarev – Eastern Europe Film Programing Director
Boris Grachavskiy – Guest of Honor

Vicente Zaragoza – Founder & Chairman

vicente_zaragozaVicente-Andres Zaragoza is the Founder and Chairman of the Monaco Charity Film Festival. He has been an investment banker and money manager for the past 25 years. His specialty in optimizing and hedging portfolios and creating structured products have given him much financial success that he wanted to share with the poor and abandoned children of this world. Hence, the creation of the Monaco Charity Film Festival. Moreover, Mr. Zaragoza has a passion for producing, directing and writing films. Monaco Charity Film Festival is therefore his Love and Passion.

Monika Jagiello – President

Monika Jagiello has been actively involved with various charity organizations through her title as Miss South Africa 2012. Being familiar to beauty pageants Monika has been given a great platform to help other people and be part of changing other people’s lives. Monika’s interest into cinema and video making lead her to found her own production company, Precious Films together with Ilaria Pittaluga, an ambitious filmmaker on the French Riviera.

Monika is also specialized in marketing and entertainment management from her communication studies in Monaco. Monika is the heart of the MCFF Team, leading the action whilst striving to reach the goals of the festival.

“Don’t follow anyone else’s footsteps. Make your own.” is the motto that has bought Monika where she is today in life.

Dr. Andrea Pennington – Director

Doctor Andrea Pennington is a medical doctor graduated from Washington University School of Medicine. She is very active in empowerment coaching, nutrition and spiritual guidance for a holistic approach for overall wellness of the human being. She has been accredited and awarded as the best coach for her work in empowerment guidance. Doctor Andrea has appeared a few times in the Oprah Winfrey Show that was very proud to highlight her spiritual approach to medicine.

Doctor Pennington is a great addition to the MCFF Team that will be focusing more on screening spiritual films that can help people improve their lives. The entire staff of MCFF is very happy and proud to have Doctor Andrea Pennington in MCFF.

Lia Popescu – Director

Ms Lia Popescu is a native of Chisinau, Moldova where she was born and educated. She has an MBA in Business Administration and is active in writing business plans for various corporations in Monaco and in Italy. Ms. Popescu is working as an assistant portfolio manager for an investment fund based in Monaco. She is quite experienced in portfolio optimization strategies and yield
enhancement strategies.

Ms. Popescu is actively involved in organizing MCFF every year and in looking for Sponsors. She is quite excited about the future for MCFF to help young and emerging film makers and to raise money for the Virlanie Foundation in the Philippines where she spent time with the orphaned children this year.

Katerina Pishchala – Director of Jury Selection and Film Awards

Having been born and grown up in Belarus, Katerina moved to Venice, Italy, at the age of 16 when her mother married a Venetian. Her early childhood was deeply influenced and enriched by music, performing arts, ballett and painting, as wellas sport. Having played the piano on a professional level for eleven years, Katerina was inspired to dedicate time to her studies in psychology, social studies and music therapy. She will be graduating shortly from Ca’Foscari in Venice.

Adding to her artistic background, Katerina started work in fashion and acting (TV and the movies) almost ten years ago, highly valuing the principles of creativity and professionalism. She currently works with a variety of agencies in Rome, Milan, Bologna and Padua, as well as internationally, on a non-exclusivebasis.